About Us


Harold’s Academy is one of the few baking college that offers a Full-Time Diploma course in bakery & pastry, with adequate advance and leading practical skills. A complete set of training as we have systematic and professional learning systems for students.
With a partnering Bakery & Cafe, students get more exposure and real life experiences as it operates alongside the academy preparing students with the skill as well as the knowledge of this field as they start their careers.

We have compiled a set of systematic, professional and practical lessons for students equipping them with a good knowledge in theories and exquisite skills until they have fully grasped our teachings. What we impart in them are not the crude techniques of the past but the skills greatly demanded in the workplace in future.

We have included in our courses the basic concepts of baking, baking of various types of pastries and management of baking business with emphasis on both theories and practical while modern baking arts and techniques are also introduced, incorporating arts into modern baking business as its special feature. We provide One-Center professional guidance and send students abroad to have exchanges with others and visit their organizations so that domestic and overseas baking arts can complement.

Standing Out Proudly in the Sector
Our Baking Career Program prepares students for opportunities as Pastry Chefs and Assistant Pastry Chefs, and begins their career path to achieving Pastry Chef status. Students are introduced to the art of making specialty breads, cakes, pies, pastry creams and European pastry, they are presented with skills in advanced decoration and design, and they are given an overviews of the operation of a commercial kitchen and a bakeshop.
The significant difference between Harold’s Academy and the industry is that the academy teaches “Sugar-craft” and “Chocolate Handicrafts.” These two unique arts are regarded as the supreme paradigm skills in the baking industry. Bakers who possess these skills have better career options and salaries. Our sugar-craft master Siew, attained certain accomplishments in the sugar-craft field. For many years, he focused and specialised in sugar-craft. He possess a superb skill and a delicate craftsmanship. With his creative mind, his sugar-craft skills is unleashed to the highest level and has gained a great reputation and praise in the industry.
Another treasure our academy boasts of is “Chocolate Art Products”. This is under the charge of another senior technical master of ours Chef Siew who was with a famous baking group in the country as the chief baker. In his hands, chocolate is not only tasty desserts but also an element for artistic creations. He has proven to baking sector in the country with his art that chocolate can also be turned into excellent artistic products.

First in Malaysia, that includes 3D PRINTING pastry and baking course that has both innovative and technological learning combination.

A special course that teaches you about mould creation making.
GELATO is the Italian version of Ice-cream with an artisanal aesthetic. Made with authentic ingredients, GELATO is known for its intense flavour, soft, smooth texture.

As a matter of fact, GELATO means “FROZEN” in Italian.
WAGASHI refers to a traditional Japanese confections. Wagashi takes a lot of work and It has been developed and refined for over one thousand years.

Some may wonder what’s the difference between wagashi and mochi. Well, there’s a huge difference in it.

Mochi is made from rice that has been pounded into a paste or easy said, a small dumpling made from sweet rice flour.

Whereas wagashi is made out of white lotus and certainly is more then just candies.