Diploma in Pastry & Bakery Course (10 Months)

Diploma Course
10 months

Diploma of Bakery [Bread (Soft Bun, Artisan Bread, Natural Yeast Dough, Loaf and Toast, Croissant and Danish) | Cookies & Tarts (French Pastry, Gingerbread House, Cookies & Biscuits, Tarts & Pies) | Cakes (Sponge Cake, Pound Cake, Chiffon Cake, Cheese Cake)]
Diploma of Bakery [Fresh Cream Art  (Flower Piping Technique, Numeric Cake Handling, Pottery Cake Art, Celebration Cake & Customized Cake) | Barista & Latte Arts (Extraction of Perfect, Espresso, Free Pour Latte Art, Coffee Selection, Grind and Dosage)  | Modern Desserts (Entremets, Petit Gateau, Plated Dessert , Chocolate Decoration)]
Diploma of Bakery [Sugar Paste Art (3D fondant Cake, Fondant Figurine & Themed Fondant Cake, Wedding Cake, Pastillage Showpiece) | Chocolate Art (Chocolate Bonbon, Modelling Chocolate Paste, Chocolate Showpiece, Chocolate Airbrush Technique) | Sugar Art (Blown Sugar Technique, Pastillege Air Brush Technique, Pulled Sugar Flower Technique, Themed Sugar Showpiece)]
Exclusive 3D Printing Cake Mold Course
Gelato Cake Course
WA-Gashi Course
  • Ingredients for all Practical Class 
  • Theory Notes 
  • Uniform (Chef Jacket, Apron, Chef Hat) 
  • Tools (Provided by Academy) 
  • Student Card 
  • Exam Fees for 2 Certificate 
  • *Fees are all included, No Extra Fee Needed 

2 Certificates of Diploma Course :

Class Details
  • 5 Days Per Week
  • Monday - Friday
  • 10am - 4pm +/- (Pratical Class - 4 days)
  • 10am - 1pm +/- (Theory Class / Preparation - 1 days)
  • Duration of 10 months (Pratical Course) + 3 Month (Internship)


  • Our college has 56 bakery outlets (Harolds Bread) in Malaysia. We are not only teaching , but also have a rich experience in bakery market .
  • We teach students to adopt better learning methods to improve baking techniques and also knowledge .
  • The number of students in each class is maximized to 16 students to ensure that everyone pays quality attention during class. 
  • Our courses is designed for beginners and advanced students . 
  • Our courses includes advanced baking techniques. 
  • We prioritize and 90% practical , 10% theory . 
  • We teach with advance baking equipment . 
  • We will provide employment opportunities after students graduate. 
  • Employment opportunities in hotels, desserts shop , pastry shop ,etc. 
  • We provide walking distance dormitories nearby for our students. 
  • Students is allowed to use portable tablets during class to improve learning efficiency. 
  • National and international competitions are open to students .
  • We have experienced chefs at our academy . 
  • We are both Chinese and English based . 
  • We use high quality ingredients to produce high quality products . 
  • There is no hidden fees . 
Harold's Academy Award [Gelato World Cup Italy 2020 (Top 5), FHM 2019 Free Style Confectionery (Bronze), Mondial Art Des Sucru 2018 World Pastry Competition (No 2nd), 2018 Asian Gelato Cup (Bronze), 2017 FHA Free Style Confectionery (Silver), Gold Award in Chocolate Display Category Battle of Chef Penang 2016, Gold Award in Sugar Display Category Battle of Chef Penang 2016, Silver Awards - FHA 2014 Sugar Display Category, 2nd Position Malaysian Chocolatier Master]

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