Our Standouts

  • Our college has 56 bakery outlets (Harolds Bread) in Malaysia. We are not only teaching but also have a rich experience in the bakery market

  • We teach students to adopt better learning methods to improve baking techniques and also knowledge

  • The number of students in each class is maximized to 16 students to ensure that everyone pays quality attention during class

  • Our courses are designed for beginners and advanced students

  • Our courses include advanced baking techniques

  • We prioritize and 90% practical, 10% theory
  • We teach with advanced baking equipment

  • We will provide employment opportunities after students graduate

  • Employment opportunities in hotels, desserts shop, pastry shop, etc

  • We provide walking distance dormitories nearby for our students

  • Students is allowed to use portable tablets during class to improve learning efficiency
  • National and international competitions are open to students

  • We have experienced chefs at our academy

  • We are both Chinese and English based

  • We use high-quality ingredients to produce high-quality products

  • No hidden fees required