Entry Requirements


Here, you will find what it takes to enrol at Harold's Academy. We have students ranging from high-school graduates to mature business owners and professionals. Whoever you are, there is an art and design course suited just for you!

Course Requirements
Harold's Academy Diploma Programmes (3 Years)
Patisserie & Baking Advance
Diploma in Patisserie & Baking Advance
Admission Requirements

Admission requirements are at least 16 years old.
Malaysian or Having residency rights in Malaysia.

English Language Requirements

Candidates who do not have a Pass in English will be required to take the Intensive English Programme (IEP) at Harold's Academy.

How many Intakes are there?

New Intakes: 20 May / 19 Aug

Can I get Credit Transfer?

If you have completed other courses or modules at another institution, you may be eligible to apply for credit transfer. Credit transfer is given based on subject to subject mapping according to guidelines provided by MOHE / MQA.


Ready to kick-start your creative journey with one of the world's best art and design schools? It's easy to begin your professional education with everything you need listed right here.

Let's get started on your 5-step application process!

1. Application Form
Download and fill out the application form with your particulars. You can submit it online, by mail or in person.
International applicants are advised to submit their application at least 8 weeks (2 months) prior to the commencement date of the intake to avoid any unnecessary delay in the admission process.

2. Documentation Submission
Please prepare to attach supporting documents, passport-sized photos, copies of your NRIC / Identity Card, academic transcripts and more. Refer to the relevant guides below for the complete list.

3. Placement Test
Almost there! Take our English placement test and complete your application!

If you need any assistance, please contact our Admissions team.


Harold's Academy make it easy to register and payment your fees , become a pastry chef !



A variety of Education Loan Schemes & Packages Tailored to Your Needs

(For Both Full-Time and Part-Time Students)

Presently, KOJADI has a total 13 loan schemes under its loan programme to cater for a wide spectrum of education courses ranging from vocational and technical to undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Below are the various education loan schemes currently implemented by KOJADI:

1. KOJADI Special Education Loan Scheme (SELS)

This loan scheme is an extension of HELS .It is set up for those member-students who are ineligible to obtain a loan under HELS.

1.1 KOJADI Vocational Education Loan Scheme (S-VELS)

1.2 KOJADI Institute Education Loan Scheme (S-JELS)

1.3 KOJADI Education Loan Scheme for TARC Graduates (S-TAR)

1.4 KOJADI Education Loan Scheme for Local University Studies (S-LUS)

1.5 KOJADI Education Loan Scheme for Foreign University Studies (S-FUS)

1.6 KOJADI Education Loan Scheme for Independent Secondary School Certificate Holders (S-ISS)

1.7 KOJADI Education Loan Scheme for Early Childhood Education (S-ECE)

1.8 KOJADI Education Loan Scheme for Overseas Postgraduate Studies (S-OPS)

1.9 KOJADI Education Loan Scheme for Local Postgraduate Studies (S-LPS)

1.10 KOJADI Education Loan Scheme for Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (S-UTAR)

1.11 KOJADI Education Loan Scheme For Students of Foundation Programmes (S-PUF)

2. KOJADI Education Loan Scheme for MINOR (ELSM)

This loan scheme is designed and implemented students below 18 years old for their pursuit of tertiary and vocational education.

3. KOJADI Higher Education Loan Scheme (HELS)

It was set up immediately after inception of KOJADI in 1981.

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